I envision a Rhode Island where businesses come because they want to be here. A Rhode Island where our young adults can find good jobs. A place with energy. A state that is competitive – yet retains the charm and character that make this such a great place to live.

We should be the state where startup businesses want to start up, where college graduates want to continue their careers, and where our retirees want to retire. We can be all of these things.

But to do that, we need to make some big changes.

My campaign has three goals: growing the economy, improving education, and reforming our system of government. Saving $1 billion in wasteful spending is the starting point for all three: it enables us to make the state economically competitive, it allows us to make investments in education, and it is the first step in changing how we govern this state.

That is how we transform Rhode Island.




Jobs and the economy are my #1 priority

Ken will find and save $1 billion in wasted spending, and will help stimulate investments in new, Rhode Island businesses. Tax payers across the board will get badly needed relief, fiscal stability will be increased, confidence will be restored in Rhode Island as a good place to do business and our tax base will grow as a result.


The key to successful outcomes in high school is ensuring that we deliver top quality education in grades K-3

Ken proposes a renewed focus on early education in Rhode Island with a major investment in resources to ensure that as many fourth graders as possible enter that grade with the appropriate levels of achievement.


Rhode Island's system of government is responsible for many of our problems.

The General Assembly writes laws and approves our budget through a broken process hidden from the public's view. To turn things around in this state, we need to address the root of the problem: how our government makes decisions.